What the geek Apple learnt from the Pick Up Artists

Apple Vista Emergency Banner Refresh
Emergency Banner Refresh

 The once geeky Apple has become the darling of the IT industry, becoming dangerously “over-popular”.  Looks like they followed the steps of Pick Up Artists like Neil Strauss to become so attractive.

  1. Interest – create a sense of intrigue as soon as you are in the same environment.
  2. Approach – let the “target” be prepared, do not be overly aggressive, yet have a friendly and confident intent.
  3. Rapport – have empathy for the “target” but create a sense of self value by sharing something of interest/skill/knowledge/value.  Increase self-value by being valuable to others as well as the main “target”.
  4. Close – be interesting and interested and make the beneficial offer.

See the full multi-flash banner Apple ad: Emergency Banner Refresh @ adverlicio.us

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