E-tail design to learn from Retail experience

Design for life and for living…

Some websites that sell stuff are just bad.  You know the ones … the ones where it takes ages to find what you want, even if you know exactly what you want.  To top it off the experience isn’t all that pleasurable either.

Spend all that money on banner ads and search etc. and at the point of sealing the deal it sometimes all falls apart because of the lack of awareness in the customer journey and experince.

The Bad

Dell.com – just so hard to find the best deal, too many ways to get where you need to, give up or feel like you’ve run a marathon if you’ve completed a purchase.  In this day and age with nuerous navigation and site structural techniques theres no excuse.

The Good

Amazon.com – classic.  Simple navigation that is constant and easily “learnable” with easy search and filter functions with easy access to deeper information… and so much more

Consider how a supermarket is laid out and designed, each object carefully placed to match and elevate the thoughts and emotions of the shopper.  Enter the fruit and veg market first and ….. then the fresh bread smell from the bakery section ….. all the way down to the treats and snacks by the checkout.  A simple formation of shelves and pathways to lead the shoppers down the optimal path ….. and make it pleasurable too, a place where they would want to just come back and browse and admire as if it were a gallery or museum, see uniqlo.co.uk

Now don’t get us started on integrating online advertising, websites and landing pages properly!  More of that when we’ve calmed down.

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