Industries who should get excited about 3D

Although Avatar’s storyline may not be the best or most original, it has been sending flocks of people back to the cinema, getting them away from their laptop screens and downloaded/streaming movies.  3D geniunely made the film more beautiful and immersive.

With 3D TVs popping up a CES 2010, which industries should be the most excited about this technology soon to be widespread?


New Zealand TourismImagine one of those beautiful scenic ads in 3D giving you a taste of what it could be like to spend time in a beautiful paradise.  If you didn’t want to take that long haul flight before, this might be just enough to tempt you.

Video Games

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2As if Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2 didn’t cause enough of a storm, just how excited would the kids (and older kids) be after seeing a trailer with bullets flying past? Aching to take control and be thrown into battle without any risk of so much as a paper cut.


Sex second lifeThe oldest industry and usually the first industry to take to new technologies: classifieds, telephone, satellite TV, internet.  There will be queues of lonely people wanting a taste of this.

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