Mass Effect 2 Sci Vs Fi documentary

Mass Effect 2 is out on 29th January in Europe and promises more improvements.  Watch the documentary Mass Effect 2 Sci Vs Fi to find out:

Can technology be used to energize the storytelling process, to make a personalised and true to life dramatic experience?  How do you create the illusion of freewill with a fixed ending?  How do you create a compelling storyline when the audience controls the narrative?”

Use skill and strategy to defeat aliens and make dialog decisions to evolve the plot.  Players become emotionally involved, arguably more so than movies and TV shows due to the interactive nature.  £40 for 30 hours (or more) of interactive fun versus £10 for sitting in a cinema for 2 hours?

With CoD Modern Warfare 2 grossing more revenue in the first five days of its release than the Avatar movie (both grossing over $1bn in total so far), video games must now be surely now be respected as serious mainstream entertainment.

The original Mass Effect was possibly the first game to execute such complete emotional involvement within video games with the stunning animated acting and storyline.  A perfect mix of RPG, shooter and adventure, it immerses people into the epic sci-fi opera plot (even non-sci-fi fans).  The sequel promises more improvements.

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