Dante’s Inferno – best use of ascii art?

Have you viewed the source code for digg.com recently? You might also want to check out dailymotion, kotaku, 1up, gamesradar, and wwe.  Here’s why:

Digg Dantes Inferno asciiDailymotion Dantes Inferno asc

Kotaku Dantes Inferno asci1up Dantes Inferno ascigamesradar Dantes Inferno asciWWE Dantes Inferno asci

Get all 6 codes and enter them into the URL hidden in the ascii art (hellisnigh.com) to unlock your Earthly Rewards that includes a Concept Art Book, wallpaper, posters, ascii art and music.  No doubt this ingenious hunt for Easter eggs in html code will be copied but here we see great innovation and intrigue and interest levels rise as EA connects and relates with its market.

EA Games seem to be nailing the marketing at the moment stepping away from bland franchise games, realising that storytelling is a huge part of immersing people into a video game: releasing and heavily promoting trailers of the cinematic Mass Effect 2 to build the hype even more; and now sharing the beautiful art present in Dante’s Inferno.

Watch the spot at dantesinferno.com

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  1. The articles on this website are all super good quality. I could spend literally days reading the posts on this website and never get bored. So yeh just wanted to comment and let you know :).

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