Monica Laita – An artist who happens to use digital

There wasn’t enough drawing in fashion so Monica ditched that to study Graphic Design and Animation at St Martin’s  College. She returned the favour and gave a lecture at St Martin’s after becoming a successful freelance artist, illustrator and animator.

She sometimes scans things for texture and sometimes scans her own illustrations to create animations.  She sometimes uses Flash for animations and sometimes she’s touching up images using Photoshop and her trusty tablet.  But a tool is just a tool and an artist knows what, where and when to use one.

Monica Laita - Hot Stuff PoolMonica Laita - Shoe

There’s a real development in her work from her early playful commercial illustrations to her more recent and darker Madonne Indecenti and Green collections, a movement that hopefully helps people realise that people who use can digital tools aren’t just designers or illustrators but are artists  just as much as those who use paints and canvases.

Monica Laita - Madonne IndecentiMonica Laita - Green

The multi-talented Monica is currently in Italy working on the interior design of a new bar to be launched soon.


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