A Pale Blue Door leads to an eventful experience

What does it take for someone to post after a 2 months hiatus?  A sensory fairy tale experience at a pop-up restaurant driven by design.

The Pale Blue Door is the pop-up restaurant created by set designer Tony Hornecker.  Tony has created sets for Bat for Lashes and the Royal Opera House but most recently he has invited the general public into his dream world via his amazing pop-up restaurant.

Having just ended a run in London, the restaurant has also appeared in different guises in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Glastonbury and Santiago.  Behind the Pale Blue Door is a bohemiam dream-like world filled with nooks and crannies to explore.  Some may dine on a mezzanine overlooking the drag queen show that entertains between the homely three course meal.  One lucky couple will have their dinner brought up to Tony’s cosy bedroom to share.

While pop-up restaurants are a fairly new concept being popularised in the past decade, this example is a real return to the roots of a meal out being about more than the food, but the event as a whole.  The beautiful design of the entire restaurant transported the starry-eyed diners to a place of fun, flamboyance and freedom.  It showed that design was not only something to be looked at and admired, but something to be involved with, something that affects emotions and actions when done well, and done with conviction to completeness.

See more at Tony Hornecker’s blog.

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  1. That was awesome! Probably one of the more interesting reads in awhile. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

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